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There is in this world at least one “Duck Club”, hatched in about 1968, that has enjoyed a certain amount of fame. Associated with the club have been unrivaled celebrations and quite a few “inducktions”, i.e. adding new duck members of all ages since the club’s inception.

In my book, Under A Tie Dye Sky, there is a partial membership list at the end, (a tailpiece if you will). It seemed needful due to my occasional references of this or that duck.

WELL!!!!! There is big duckish news to share. And I feel I should be the one to bring it on. However, you better informed guys, probably know about this. My question for you . . . are you ready?
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Professional Planner here. If you’ve read my book, Under A Tie Dye Sky, you will have insight into the meaning of professional Planner. At the time of this writing, my Pollyanna child (well, a grownup now but still my child) and I are one day out from driving to Missoula Montana to see Some Guy who is on tour.

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Having down shifted into first, come to a halt, and put myself in reverse sends us off on another ride into the past. Childhood. The poem from Nan the Man about summer started this backward journey.

In previous blogs, sweet nostalgia has surfaced, heart-warming and heart-rending memories. Don’t know why the mischief nostalgia is surfacing, but I’m going with the flow. I’m sure readers who find their way to this blog have their own childhood mischief-memories. Can there be childhood innocence without some bit of mischief attached? Maybe, as in the cases of Seattle Jan, Mary T, and perhaps Kathy Jahnke. But this writer thinks it must be a rarity.

Another prime example to support my theory involves the Jillzy person leaving the tame midwest (bunny rabbit land).
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My friend Nan the Man is a poet. She sometimes sends me wonderful poems she finds or that find her. Here is one of latest, last week in fact.

Ice Cream Truck
by Terri Kirby Erickson

From blocks away we heard the mechanical
music the ice cream truck chimed all over
the neighborhood, calling to kids like the Pied

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January 31 National Popcorn Day


As you can see I’ve been at this bowl. Doesn’t take me long when it comes to popcorn.

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