Just ask Miss Tinkerbell, my Bell, and she’ll vouch for me. It was minus 28.9 degrees when I took the pictures. Yes, to confirm, that’s below zero. She has a blankie on.


Now, this is a bit closer at a different angle. She rocks frost with her whiskers, don’t you agree!? She got horse cookies and carrots to munch for posing nicely and just because I love her so very much.


ALERT!! There are finally copies of my new book, “The Polka-Dotted Horse”, at The Country Bookshelf!

I love my son-in-law, Andy. Wanna see him? Okay 🙂


Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and may 2017 be filled with peace and plenty along with mountains of HOPE and LOVE.



    • she has a thick blanket on!!!

      my horses have never had a stall to go into, they are tough horses!

      anyway, i will not show what you wrote to wrangler steve since he’d probably go lead her in through the bedroom door…

      see, if it rained and then went way below zero, we’d get an emergency stalls up in the barn at the gallatin river ranch, so not to fret….

      i promise!

      suzee B

  1. Well Suzee …… what better way to lead up to Christmas than with a picture of my lovely nephew! Isnt he gorgeous! But not only does he LOOK great, he has a wonderful nature, and a huge loving heart.

    Am I biased? Of course I am! He and his brother are the nearest we ever got to having children, and we are so blessed that Vanessa lived close for many years and we got to spend loads of time with them.

    Am I jealous of you? Of course I am! But I know that you are a great part of our extended family, and care deeply for him too, so he is in good hands between you guys and Polly.

    Thank you for all your blogs this year, and for bringing such a variety of subjects to us all for our consideration and delectation!

    Happy Christmas to you and Steve, and to all your readers and friends. We hope that 2017 brings even more fun and laughter into all our lives.

    Much love from Grauntie Kennel Maid and Gruncle Russell x x x x x x

    • the merriest of christmasses to you.

      it would be magical for us to spend a christmas in england with you!

      now, off to more elfing around and then into my small elven bed at nightfall with star-shine 🙂

      love you grauntie and gruncle
      suzee B

  2. Thank you and family so much for the Christmas dinner, play and song. A very warm tradition we are glad to share with. And Tinker and Jenney too.
    And and and…..

  3. Sux…And I thought 36 degrees above zero was really cold here in deep south Texas!!! But I do remember living in central Wisconsin back in the early 70’s when the temperature got down to a MINUS 26 DEGREES!DEGREES!!! Student cars wouldn’t start. Anyhow, have a safe and fun holiday season with loving family and friends. BILL.

    • charming billy

      hi, i miss you!

      yes, we are moliners, we’re from moline and we all grew up with huge snowy drifts and fat flakes on stage beneath the street lights as we went to play after dark and sled and be allowed out until JUST after dark, even! in the winter! in the wind!

      and got to stay home on snowy days and play in the ravines.

      merry christmas and all that jazz 🙂
      suzee B

    • eeuuuwwww rain. that sucks!
      BUT, it MIGHT turn to SNOW!!!!

      i don’t ride when it’s under 18 degrees! my feets get cold. plus the sun has to be out at 18 and no wind! ha, i am high maintenance??

      you remember how horse crazy i was i bet.

      merry happy christmas to you, too, betty boop.

      suzee B

  4. Our horses are tough… but the blankie is a nice touch. The Christmas Party and Play we’re so much fun! Thank you for always providing me and mine, a place at your Christmas Table. Love and Merry Wishes, A.

    • at home! at christmas tide!

      and with the loves of my life….well most of them.

      see you in a couple days!

      love to a leading lady in my life,
      suzee B

  5. Oh Tink! With the frozen nose!

    Makes me miss the really cold. It’s kinda cold here these days
    but nothing like that!

    I can hear the snorts there must be in the morning.

  6. ha ha, being as you are Porky Pork SNORT after all, you WOULD be able to hear the morning snorts. it’d fall into the realm of a gift you’ve been blessed with, right?!!

    merry christmas, pork,

    love you
    suzee B

  7. Suzee, I have been reading uour blog for months and I always have fun reading it. You have a very interesting group that obviously enjoys the interaction, including my self.
    I wish you and yours a very Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Eric Elhart
    Medicine Bow Wyoming

  8. gee eric,

    thanks for leaving a comment. this little meeting place has been going for over 5 years. as an author, it’s kept me exercising my writing skills andas you noticed and mentioned, the interaction is special!

    merry christmas and a happy new year to you and yours.

    suzee B

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