Ho! Ho! Ho! Concerning my children’s/adult’s book being available at The Country Bookshelf, 28 W. Main St., to buy for that one specially designated person (or more?). Well, as of today The Polka-Dotted Horse ain’t there yet. Humbug. The powers that be tell me to expect it there by December 16th. It’s such a grand bookstore that smells and feels just like an old fashioned real honest-to-goodness bookstore should. A picture, you know, is worth a thousand words. Right?





I’m still hoping that a superhero book elf will save the day and get it on the shelf sooner. I mean, there’s every other kind of superhero, so why not?

And The County Bookshelf should have its very own, for Christmas. I’d volunteer if I knew how or even where to send an application and resume for specialty elf work.




  1. I have to re-order mine from Amazon. My life style got in the way – it got mailed to CO. Now I have to wait more too, so selfishly…well you know…nothing like delayed gratification. Do some only children know about the joy of anticipation? Love the looks of Country Bookshelf, wonder why I’ve never been in there.
    Speaking of which. I keep thinking about that divine sushi. What was the name of that place?
    Merry Christmas!! xoxox

    • Seven name of sushi place 🙂

      i am remiss for not making time to show off the bookstore to ya, but we always just sit around GABBING like magpies, never enough time.

      merry christmas strawberry duck forever.

      suzee B

  2. Merry Christmas Dreamcheese and Strawberry!
    (Hoping the book will make its timely appearance)
    And wishing I could sit down for sushi with both of you!

    Sir Francis


      i love christmas, i am swamped and happy as a clam. wait, why are clams happy?


      so very much love to you sir francis,
      suzee B

  3. Dear Suzee of Montana,
    I’ll be contacting them with my. “pre”- order. Can’t wait to read your new book. You’ll be more famous than you are NOW !!

    Bie-de-wie, clams are “HAPPY”
    ( I was told once by a Rutabega in a Supermarket back in the 60s )…. BECAUUUUSE. ….they get to hang out with SAND Dollars. Ha ha ha Ho Ho Ho,
    SLAM DUNK CORN !! I should be in IOWA !!

    Warm greetings to you all with my best Christmas Wishes, J.G.Hosaphat and Betty Furnace.

    • dear J.G.

      i hope santa brings you a frontal lobe for your brain!!! wouldn’t that be so exciting? just think, your first ONE!!!!!!!

      betty furnace can help keep you warm. especially if you follow your corn calling and end up in iowa. OR if you follow your cheesy-ness calling and end up in wisconsin.

      and THANKS for illuminating the great mystery about the happiness of clams!

      what WOULD i do without you?

      merry merry merry christmas
      suzee B

  4. Hi Biggy!
    Just so u know.. I already bought 4 copies from Amazon and received them last week! Haven’t had time for reading but am anxious to do so over the holidays. And they will make a good stocking stuffer for my grandkids!

    • baby seeestor,

      i am happy you’ll be reading my fantasy fairytale book. but happy truth lurks behind fairytales you know! might have to wait till those grandbabies are a little older.

      and as i always beg, please leave a little review on amazon. but don’t mention missing words if you find any!

      hope your christmas is chock full of WONDER!!

      i miss and love you,
      biggy B

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