And it will soon be in Bozeman’s local book store, The Country Book Shelf, in time for Christmas. It’s nice to patronize our local stores when possible. I’m a fan of independent book stores. You, too? I will repost the cover since my designers sent me a more professional file. What I posted last week was just Suzee B (the non-techy) using a couple pictures she took on her camera.


“The Polka-Dotted Horse” is on my Amazon Author page along with my previous book “Under A Tie Dye Sky”. “The Polka-Dotted Horse” also appears in a different place on Amazon when you type in the title. In other words, it’s orderable! I don’t think that’s a word, but it works!

It occurred to me, sorta like a bolt out of the blue, that as far as the target audience for this book goes, it is for children of all ages. Which naturally includes adults!!

Tell your friends. I’d be much obliged 🙂

Merry Christmas guys. XOXOXOX


  1. I’ve ordered my copy! I’m so proud of you, Suzee. I know that your mom and daddy are smiling from above. I wish you were here to make Christmas cookies with me like we did so many years ago. I kiss Helen’s cinnamon roll dough. (NOT the kind with olives hidden inside though.)
    Your old pal xo

    • my dear dear dear old pal,

      i am grinning from ear to ear

      not just cause you ordered my book, but from the memories of that exquisitely tasty cinnamon roll dough (olive-less, heh heh)

      and if you can find time, pleeeese write a short review on amazon, it’s become such an important thing for indie authors…

      it’s here, the most wonderful time of the year! YAY!!!

      your old pal

  2. Yay! Mine is on its way too! We have waited sooo long! This will my Christmas present to myself.

    Well done Suzee, for persevering to the end, and birthing your second book. I will definitely comment on Amazon when I have it….hopefully before Christmas! You must be very proud, and rightly so.

    Good luck with this timely launch, and fingers crossed it flies off the shelves, like the polka-dotted horse!

    Love me, the kennel maid! Xx

    • so good with words is the kennel maid!

      “flies off the shelves, like the polka-dotted horse!”

      don’t forget we’ll be buying ourselves a bottle of wine ( me and the wrangler along as will you and the keeper of the estuary) and we’ll all be pretending it’s what we’ve received from across the pond from each other.


      it’s such a good idea you had about that.

      suzee B

  3. Ordered a copy, too. Am anxious to share it with Rosemary’s grandchildren over the holidays.

    Will be happy to post an announcement on the class website if you send me some copy and a picture file.


    • oooooooo
      great idea, marie!

      i will send with glee.

      thank you so much for supporting me in my endeavors, luv 🙂

      friends over all these many years,

      suzee B

  4. I am thrilled to read another book by Suzee, especially a children’s book.

    Can’t wait to read it!

    Love always,


  5. I will soon know the answer to all my questions. I ordered two today—one for us and one for Great Grandson Mack. Because the polka-dotted horse has wings,it will fit in nicely with my angel collection.I will wait to see where he (or she) fits in. Much Love, Mitch and Jan

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