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suzee photo lightenedWriter. Montana. Husband – got one. (A big fan!)

suzee kitty1Horses. Doggies. Kitty.Suzee sheepdog

Would say Ex- registered nurse and Ex- Flower Child, ‘cept don’t think EX- works. Once one of those, always one of those.

Been acting in theater, writing and riding since I was four. I like to put myself out there and see what happens.

So I guess I’m a risk-taker.Suzee dog1

All that I write, in this blog and especially in my books, I do with the hope of getting to know you better. As a writer I’ve been surprised, no, shocked, at how much I’ve learned about myself.

Sometimes the truth has been scary. But I needed to dig deeper, find more of me to be able to give more. When you read my words, whether or not you submit comments and input, we have a connection.

I think of it as an unseen relationship similar to actors on stage with their audience in the seats. You can’t have one without the other. Do you love the possibilities? I am way invigorated, even intoxicated by them. But you’ve most likely figured that out by now.

And, oh, before I forget to tell you, I’m nearly finished with my next book! Go click on  Suzee’s Books to read about The Polkadotted Horse.

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