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Under a Tie Dye Sky by Suzee Carson BranchIn one way or another people have been asking me to write this book for a very long time. Lots of them probably don’t even know that’s what they were doing. It’s the questions that kept tipping me off.

Questions about the 1960s seemed to seek me out like I was some kind of a missile target. Peace and Love-seeking missiles instead of heat-seeking ones.

LOTS of people have written LOTS about the ’60s. I did it, too. It’s daunting. However, I am taking seriously a quote I heard.

Robert Bresson said, “Make visible what without you might never have been seen.”

His words gave me license to show the unique time through my eyes. Egad, there’s a ton of misinformation out there which compelled me to try and set the record straight. I call the 60s “the-time-of-all-times” and you could superimpose a visual if you want. Try the magic kingdom. You know, the Disneyland thing.

Think of this book, Under A Tie Dye Sky, as a weapon against fear and hopelessness. Also think of it as a comedy and a tragedy. During the 5 1/2 years of writing “Under A Tie Dye Sky”, the pain caused by telling the entire truth stunned me. But this truth-telling was a requirement that I hadn’t considered. I thought it was my call to pick and choose. Nope, ‘Fraid not.

Life on planet earth has not been a rose garden since the whole Eden bit went south. HOWEVER! I am waiting for better homes and gardens.

Buy “Under a Tie-Dye Sky” on Amazon – Softcover or Kindle available

Or at “The Country Bookshelf” on Main Street in Bozeman, Montana.

It has also been distributed to thousands of libraries where it may be checked out for free.

My next book is also on for Christmas 2016. It is a children’s book titled “The Polkadotted Horse”.

Polkadyle drawing Suzee Branch
 My grand (!) intention is that it can engage an older audience as well. Most children ages 8-11 should be able to read it on their own. In some cases the range could stretch from 5-12 years old.
A teenager could read it to a younger person and remember the good things about childhood; the wonder years.
An adult could also be drawn in, either reading it out loud or even on their own. See, I wrote it with the idea that the principles be far reaching. I hope it has a timeless flavor of wisdom such as  A.A. Milne accomplished with “Winnie The Pooh” or “Peter Pan” or “The Chronicles of Narnia”.
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