My Special Magical Writing Space

I want to show you a little secret. It’s the hidden place I go to play. So far writing has proved to be a joy. Definitely feels like going to play. Remember when you were a kid and would tell your mom you were going outside to play. She might say, “Okay. be back in time for supper. Don’t forget to look both ways at the corner.” That’s just how I feel when I’m heading up to write. Up? Yes, but first come the fetching doors waiting for me to open them.




Antici…………….PATION! Drawn closer, enchantment spills out the open doors, enfolding and enticing me. “Come on, been waiting for ya!”






I love the coziness of dim. I’m on my way! And now the light at the top beckons me.






My trusty guards can go back to the window ledge. They’re off duty. My computer is just as I left it. Good job faithful sentries! Now I get to have more fun. I wonder what words will drift through my mind to come out my fingers onto the keys. I am especially fond of those times I get to take dictation, the days when my muse is in a really grand mood. Hey, maybe today!






    My fingers tingle. Time to settle into my secret place. No one is home and if someone walked in the house, they’ll never find me. I shut the doors. My friends, the trees, welcome me from out my perfect dormer windows. I am a lucky duck.


  1. Yay Suzee! I love you and your love for writing…looking forward to more posts. Your site looks great, I can tell you put a lot of work into it….good job!

  2. Hey sweets this is wonderful … I can’t wait to read more. And yes I think things are working correctly (I’ll tell you that in an e-mail, too). Yes you are a lucky Dreamcheese. RussellT

    • and YOU are a lovely sir francis drake duck.
      thanks for attending!

      you know how much i loves ya

      dreamcheese duck
      a.k.a. suzee B

    by Bud O’Donnell

    Writers travel dark lonely streets with no signs
    Straining their curious, busy minds for direction
    Seeking refuges of comfort to find perfection

    Often backing up, retracing their steps when lost
    Stumbling into dark alleys and pulling on doors
    that won’t open, standing outside on shaky boards

    So they must travel on, look for some inspiration In this lonely darkness, they must find some light
    Moving forward and back until they get it right

    At the end they hope to find a book, a song, a poem
    Something to show that they’ve not traveled in vain
    And that, when they get there, they’re not insane

  4. I was one of those, who asked about your history. It was a very
    interesting period, the 60’s. I was there of course, but in my own
    way. It is a part of who we are. I want to know what you have to say,
    cause, it will help me know you better. I cann’t wait.

    • thanks, mickey. i am glad you want to know what i have to say. even more glad you say you can’t wait! whoa, that is encouragement for me!

  5. Suzzzzzee, Your book will be a LOT more interesting reading than even my favorites…… biographies of some of our early American History, like the way west, Lewis and Clarke, the Mounds People of the Ohio River (no, they didn’t invent a candy bar) …….another great writer was Patrick Henry, even George Washington, whose bios I can now count up to 8 on my fingers as read and enjoyed. I never read Mary Shelly (sp?) (somebody in your site mentioned “Frankenstein”) but I know Mary was married to a merry and greatly romantic poet of the time, of the same last name (and spelling….so much for my ‘education’) I think Custer used to quote him on occasion. Maybe he was spouting that stuff at the Little Big Horn….maybe that’s why they didn’t take him prisoner…..I don’t know. I DO know that no one got out except Little Big Man, who was married to four of Crazy Horse’s second cousins from Fargo, or Minot, if memory serves. I heard that George ‘W’ and his father tried to buy the Custer Battlefield site a couple of years ago….because they wanted to make plans to be buried somewhere ‘famous’….and far away from the turmoils of DC. I heard that the Montana Governor only asked one thing….”Will you do it NOW ??”

    You are a mystery….i sense something that is awake but dormant in all of us “Boomers”, but ‘alive’ in you so I’m looking forward to the read, but if you could, please send 5x glasses with the book….Medicare won’t cover me for those. They want $.90 a pair…..the nerve.

    All the Best Suzee,
    Darth Veeder

    • dear darth veeder,

      i am sorry you need such high magnification on your reading glasses, but 5x glasses are out of my league. however, since i love for you to read my blog, i could maybe loan you ninety cents? should i use a money order?


    • dear fast track

      oh yes indeed i am having fun working here!


      p.s. for my other blog submitters, the first time this writer friend-girl emailed me a couple of years ago, she mistyped and wrote dear “size” instead of suzee. it was before we met and she spent sometime hoping i didn’t weigh 300 pounds! now i kind of like my new name, “size”

    • you can do a whole gob of things i can’t do, woman!
      i wish i could knit like you! and make those fabulous cards you make.

      thank you for the compliment though
      seriously! i’ll take all the encouragement i can get!

      i love you
      suzee Q

  6. Oh my gosh! I remember going to visit you in the Haight at your apartment! It was my first time to SF.
    So you’re going to try and recount the 60s?!!!! Well, I can’t wait!!
    You are the PERFECT one to do it. Love Love Love

    • Peggy! or Kelly, i keep trying to think of you as kelly, why is it so hard since it’s been like over 40 years since you went from peggy to kelly?

      yes, i remember you coming to visit me in san francisco. with the sumo person. well, not the wrestler kind . . .

      anyway, i love you took time to comment. and i am happy happy you believe i am the one to write about that time on planet earth.

      it’s an “assignment” i received many moons ago.

      your sister in PLANNING (even some of that in the book, are you prepared? i know you’re experienced)
      suzee creamcheese

  7. As usual, leader of the pack in making dreams come true. How nice it must be to be you. Look forward to reading your ‘true’ version of what happened back then. One step beyond, no doubt….

    • one step beyond. oh yes. and it is even included in a chapter of it’s own!
      leader of the pack? like at the laundry mat? vroom vroom?
      i think we are all leaders of one pack or another.
      and the beat goes on . . .

      thank you, my dear sister kate, for subscribing and commenting.

      lots of surprises and new fangled “steps beyond” to come . . . further on up the trail!

      step step crouch pounce! new dance! created by a fellow writer. he calls it the Stalk!

      stay one step ahead!

      meanwhile, i keep showing up at the page to finish my book rewrite. you should write, you are talented with words.

      suzee C. cheese

    • nan-nan-the-hold-up-man!
      i guess you need to send to my email.
      i want to put it on my next blog since it is sure to be fabulous.
      do you have puppy ears on?
      no, probably your mom wouldn’t have done that
      but your dog baby sitter would have!!!!!!!

  8. Suzee, this is so fun, and so you dear girl! I wish Billy was here to help tweak those 60’s memories only you and he could share.
    Just the thoughts of you make me smile. Thank you.
    With love,
    Sharon Seller Trumble

    • sharon! atta girl, visiting me dear old blog.
      yes, billy, the father of your wonderful son, “bear”.
      people who don’t know who billy is, that’s simple. we were best friends from diapers up to the day he died too too soon.
      i have a whole scrapbook i made of billy. and me. and our parents who were also best friends.

      sharon, i believe you will relate to the stuff my book is made out of. stuff being the gist, the drift, and the reason i wrote it.
      thanks again for commenting. and signing on.
      it’s so fun!
      love love love

  9. Suzette the Corvette,
    You are the little energizer maximizer. Good for you for getting out there and putting words of wisdom into our craziness. I can hardly wait for you to finish your book. You are a gorgeous snow queen. ( Meaning…fairy dust and costume). I am so blessed that you are a part of my life. Rock on sista. See or talk to you soon. Ohhhh Dub

    • OH! dub, oooooh dub a.k.a. katrinka

      you, my dear, dubble my pleasure, dubble my fun

      delightful to find your comment. i appreciate it yots and yots!

      words like yours keep me writing. THANK YOU!

      me, suzee B,
      T.O.W. (such as yourself, heh heh)

  10. Suzee, wrote you a blurb and LOST it. Maybe you will find it. I’ll try again. Wanted to commend you on your blog. Inspirational reading! I never seem to finish projects I start i.e. I loved ‘The Artist’s Way’ and did the morning papers for a couple months, then stopped..I’ll have to try to find the file. See, you have already inspired me! Looking forward to seeing your book completed. Lotsalove. Monie

    • monie me love,

      you are special. there is something we have together that is not normal! ever since the first time we met. maybe the not normal part is your daughter teresa, ha ha!

      hey, that is an interesting thing that you started “the artist’s way”. and you should pick it up again. it will get your motor runnin’ honey! and you are very creative. do it, go on your own adventure with yourself.

      i love you and love that you took time to comment. you are a GOOD girl!

  11. Hi, Suzee,

    Well, you’ve gone and done it–you’ve got me hooked on your blog. Darn, girl–you can really write. I love it–and am truly glad to know you and to have reconnected after so, so many years.

    Tell Mary that she’s got a fan in Texas who admires her a great deal.

    Love ya–


    • jay, darling (i am a copycat of mary,”darling” . . . what a term)

      you can’t know how much i appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. or maybe you can!

      did you notice the familiar faces as you scrolled around my blogs??

      be well

      suzee B

    • wow, suzy
      you commented on a long ago blog.
      um, courting?
      i don’t think but we should have!
      carry on m’dear…
      love suzee B

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