What a year! But aren’t they all? I am blessed with heaven’s best, that’s about all I know and it’s more than enough to know. Wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay more than enough!

I am going to post the cover shots of my two published books one more time. Available on Amazon and The Country Bookshelf in Bozeman on Main Street. Am I beginning to sound like a broken record? To add to that sound, I’ll remind you it’s the only reason I ever started blogging in the first place. To talk about my writing projects. Then I will tell you my new news at the end.



There. And if you should happen to read them, (more broken record coming up now) please try to leave a short review on Amazon. Did you know that as long as they have it for sale, you aren’t required to buy the book from them to be able to leave a comment?

Last but not least, please tell your friends about my books and don’t forget they can come in handy for giving as presents! Blah. Thank you for putting up with this annoying business of self-promotion.

Okay, my new news. I have a next book in mind and it will be a humdinger. Historical fiction involving mystery. If I can do it, it’s going to take my ALL. I expect it’ll take a number of years to write. Which means I will say goodbye for now. What better time to take my leave. The year is ending and it seems fitting for this blog to follow in its wake. I’ve had a blast meeting you here regularly and you guys have been encouraging, FUN, funny, inspirational and great sports. Besides leaving grand comments, you accepted my goofy writing assignments and entered contests and stuff. I’ll miss you, but the blog site will stay open and if you don’t unsubscribe . . . maybe I’ll feel the urge to check in with ya at some point and say hi. And tell you how my next book is coming along.

So I bid you adieu with loads of affection and gratitude for being my friends, my playmates! I’ll check the comments in hopes that you’ll show up one last time.


2017! May it not only bring us amazing health and surprises, but also surpass our wildest hopes and dreams. A sweetheart of a treasured friend sends me pictures of these. Perfect last pic, right?



Suzee B

P.S. If you want to stay in touch, just email me! suzee.branch@gmail.com


  1. I’m going to miss all the fun on the blog, but obviously we will play in other forms.

    Love the shot of you with your hair dancing with sparkles.

    Gave away copies of the Polka-Dotted Horse for Christmas – Devin shrieked, so it’s a winner just from the cover and naturally the author’s name before a page is turned.

    Happy New Year!!! What adventures can we all find this year?

    Love you to the ends of the universe. xoxox

    • love you to bits, meryl

      and the adventures will find us, no doubt!

      keep writing.

      much much much love
      zsa zsa gizzard-chunks 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Yeah, I know I’ve been out of the loop. This has been a crazy end of year for me. My Mom has a serious respiratory infection but would not let me take her to the doctor until she couldn’t catch her breath. So now we have been to the doctor so many times everyone knows us on a first name basis. Jane (my Mom’s friend at the nursing home) is acting like Camille because she isn’t getting as much attention as my Mom.
    What more could you ask would happen? Well lets throw in someone who thinks I need converting( my old friend, Yvonne, who just happens to be Bipolar and a Jehovah witness), and my Dad’s, dead second wife’s sister,
    Marta who is also Bipolar over the top religious fanatic (she has been kicked out of several churches in town). Don’t laugh, I don’t want to answer the door or the phone. Yes and put those horses in the barn.
    Belated Merry Christmas and yes it better be a Happy New Year.
    Alice still in the palace

    • you have your own specialized angel brigade making flight patterns over your palace.

      so toast them on new year’s eve.

      a great year is coming sweet alice, you give and give and give.

      stay in touch with me. that is a high command from the Queen of Everything. i need you in my life.

      suzee B creamcheese

    • sherry, sherry baby, sherry….

      glad you think so, my fellow belle of ward! my fellow musketeer.

      i expect you and dan to turn up here before another year goes by, got it???

      suzee B

  3. Thank you for all your musing, inspiration,writings, and comments. We will miss the Tuesday blogs. You, Cousin Suzee, deserve a break,but keep us all informed now and then. LOVE, Cousin Mitch and Cousin Jan

  4. Hi Suzee,

    Congrats on the birth of another fantastic book. I haven’t gotten it yet but I will and know we will all enjoy. It’s been crazy (literally) in my world for awhile now and many things have gone by the way side, so to speak. I’m sad that you are not going to be blogging weekly any more, I will miss it, but I understand. You have accomplished so very much, and I am extremely proud of you. You have written amazing books and blogged week after week, polished your skills, and delighted us with your quirkiness and deep wisdom. Very honored to call you friend. Love you forever, my dear!


    • i’ve heard there is a time for every season! the ‘byrds’ sang that one…’turn, turn, turn’ but OH WAIT, they borrowed those lyrics from king solomon!

      my season of blogging has run its course. in the famous words of porky pig . . . wonder how to spell the following words? budda be, budda be, budda be (sumpin’ like that?) . . . that’s all folks!

      boy i’ll miss you.
      miss thinking of the faces of people who hung out here.

      and many others who chose to send private comments.

      thanks for everyone’s faithfulness to show up.

      suzee B

  5. Well congratulations on a blog well done, and like everybody else says, we’ll miss the fun and we’ll always find new and exciting ways to have fun in the future!

    Loved the shot (Like Strawberry said) of your sparkly hair, and may the four leaf clover bring you wonderful luck in everything you do.

    We love you Suz!

  6. thanks, man, and of course we’ll always be about each other’s business in one way or another!!

    as it was in the beginning, now and forever shall be…good one, eh?

    thanks for hanging in here with me. you are my loyal and true partner in all things memorable, life-changing, creative dripping with mischievous, side-splitting laughter!

    now, onward! upward!

    suzee B

  7. I bought two copies of your latest but gave one to Meg for Xmas and one goes to my friend Daisy (same age as Meg) so I will order one more copy for moi. I will miss your musings and the wonderful stories and pictures. Thanks to wrangler Steve for all of his help with the blog. I love historical fiction and mystery so look forward to your next book! I know that Suzee’s Blog will live again. You have done an amazing job of keeping all of your friends amused, intrigued, entertained, and engaged!
    love you forever and after,
    Nan the Man
    Mick on a Stick
    Jesse’s bride (maybe not)

    • my dearest mick on a stick,

      er, jesse’s bride?

      sorry, but i think it’s true!

      i am so thankful for you

      but you know this.

      happy new year and hopefully will see you sooner than later 🙂

      i love you so

      suzee B

  8. Historical Fiction?? Will it perhaps be about my past life as Sacajawea?
    I’m SURE i used to be her…if you must do research lets bop back and forth between cabin and st pete boat and you can interview me ad nauseum over rum drinks…
    Happy New Year dear big-hearted crazy haired friend. Love you so much…blogging takes so much time… miss you. I’ve a hankering for snowshoeing and CC skiing at the cabin lately. I MUST install heat this year so I can leave the cabin open all winter. Hope your Christmas was as magical as your elfin heart..

    • my dear sacajawea-wanna-be

      i don’t know how to break this to you, but///…oh well, never mind. i’m too kind.

      please move your boat to the melbourne side of florida, you can find a slip for it somewhere on the banana river. very private and low key, perfect for my interview with you.

      come install the heat now before your mind develops anymore fantasies that might interfere with the all important interview. you and i could ski our asses off, which is the main goal of cross country skiing, right? you’ll need to ski a little more than me, but i’ll tag along because that’s the type of selfless elven friend i am!

      i am happy to report that christmas was all it should be, and i know it was for your clan, too. we are blessed with heaven’s best and i never tire of saying that.

      you should begin blogging now that i am stopping, sort of take up the slack, ya know? you were born to blog.

      may your new year be merry and bright! and may jake quickly grow his hair.

      your very own, suzee B

  9. Bowie is almost finished with The Polkdotted Horse! She loves it, of course…how could she not!!!! For more reasons then one! You have been an absolute star to show up blogging for so long and having the stamina for 2 whole books. We, your little family, are so proud of you!! Rock on and we will continue to support all your endeavors as Im am sure your fan club will as well. Love you…mean it…. XOXO

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