Ho! Ho! Ho! Concerning my children’s/adult’s book being available at The Country Bookshelf, 28 W. Main St., to buy for that one specially designated person (or more?). Well, as of today The Polka-Dotted Horse ain’t there yet. Humbug. The powers that be tell me to expect it there by December 16th. It’s such a grand bookstore that smells and feels just like an old fashioned real honest-to-goodness bookstore should. A picture, you know, is worth a thousand words. Right?

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And it will soon be in Bozeman’s local book store, The Country Book Shelf, in time for Christmas. It’s nice to patronize our local stores when possible. I’m a fan of independent book stores. You, too? I will repost the cover since my designers sent me a more professional file. What I posted last week was just Suzee B (the non-techy) using a couple pictures she took on her camera.

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Think of this as a baby announcement!

“The Polk-Dotted Horse” is to be birthed and available on very soon.

Chances are good it will ‘go live’ next week, quite possibly by the end of THIS week.

Look! See the front and back cover design awesomely created by Montana’s own Flathead Media!

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Alrighty then, we have a winner by a landslide. Every story had votes, but the verdict for number one favorite story in 2016 is . . . drum role. . .

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Okay, due to a couple of massive life interruptions experienced by us all, well one was massive, the presidential election, and the other was the national holiday we call Veteran’s Day, I am extending the voting period for one more week. This means you have until November 22nd to vote for your favorite story in this years “Scary Story Contest”! Please do vote, these authors deserve it. And I can’t wait to see who wins. They all do actually, but one will get the prize. So, that’s it for this weeks blog. In a nutshell . . .


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