THE EPIC-CENTER! . . . JUNE 21 1967!

One more look at the Time Of All Times. This is the 50th anniversary, after all. In the spirit of that time, just to let you know and tell your friends, my book, “Under A Tie Dye Sky”, about The Summer of Love will be free as a Kindle ebook at from June 20th through June 24th. Don’t forget it’s also in paperback at The Country Bookshelf on Main Street in Bozeman and also on Amazon.

The following is a very special chapter from my book. XOXO! And tomorrow marks exactly 50 years ago.


Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco couldn’t have been a better place to celebrate the solstice.


As the bands belonged to us, we belonged to them. Here are names of some who gave us their offering that day: Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and The Holding Company, The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Mad River.

These were legendary groups.

That day I saw the Airplane’s female singer, Grace Slick, and Janis hugging each other before the Airplane started to play.

Red Mountain wine, swill in green glass gallon jugs, provided a cheap means to stay hydrated. Slung a certain way over the shoulder tilted the jug at just the right angle to line up with your mouth. This made guzzling effortless. Passed around the crowd along with joints, thousands of us sat on the ground, peaceful little monks purring in unison due to a pleasant buzz provided by the wine and grass. Like gifted creatures, we danced in the tall eucalyptus trees surrounding the meadow.

Besotted by Summer Solstice, this astrological event geared us up for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. June 21 1967 was the Summer of Love’s apex.

Quicksilver Messenger Service sang spiritual words to feed our souls: “Oh God, pride of man, broken in the dust again…shout a warning unto the nation that the sword of God is raised…you bow unto your God of gold, your pride shall be a shame.” They go on to sing about god restoring the earth at last. Now, realize this song was not being sung by a Christian band. Many of ‘our own’ bands sang what was named Acid Rock.

Earlier, I did my best to try and explain the far–reaching effects of dropping acid. I described how taking an acid trip opened a door into another dimension. For me and lots of us, it was a highway to god. Straight to god, no passing ‘Go’ where, if there was a Jesus, he’d be sure to camp, excited for visitors. From tidbits I’d heard in my Sunday School days, I figured that ‘Go’ would be a suitable site for J.C. to linger, being the go–between god and man and all.

The Desiderata, found pinned to most walls and taped to glass windows of store fronts, declared what could be considered our rallying call of metaphysical pursuit, our mission statement. “Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there is in silence.” It goes on to give glory to god, and for circling sheep like me (baaa), kept my thoughts rounded up. I bleated anxiously along toward the fold. Of course, I couldn’t have defined how or why, yet I so knew Love made its home around there somewhere taking care of those stupid sheep.

Summer Solstice, a tribute to our impossible Dream. We tried to “reach the unreachable stars.” I will forever believe that, indeed, “the world was better for this.”


Today, when I close my eyes and go back to June 21 1967, I see dancers in the trees and smell the strong scent of eucalyptus. I see rag–tag singers on flatbed trucks and hear holy music. I see a congregation of radiant multicolored worshipers and listen in to gentle voices speaking our language of Love. I smell ocean and incense. I taste sourdough bread. My fingers sink into short soft grass, differentiating the smooth small petals of dwarfed daisies, so plentiful they’re like ground cover. I see faces shining with a fine wonder, too innocent for this world.

There ends the chapter. But one more thing . . .

P.S. I Love You.






  1. Well, there weren’t quite that many people out there when I was on that stage (a year later), but that brought back a huge flood of memories!

    Thank-you SueZee
    (and tomorrow is the solstice!)


    • yep, here we are 50 years later . . . standard bearers to commemorate the Summer Of LOVE! still holding our freak flags high!!

      love to you, rusty
      suzee creamcheese

  2. Yes this chapter is special but so are all of the others. I now have read this book twice and loaned both of mine to many of my friends.

    • hi sarah R.

      it blesses my heart to know the book touched your heart. that was all i wanted to have happen when people read it. thanks for taking the time to read it. and to comment here!

      suzee B

  3. Ha, ho, wow and of course, yes, The “Epic-Center” it was; I mean, it is, I mean, like forever ago and forever to go! Having been there — with you — I must say you nailed it! You oh so carefully, so gingerly, so perfectly explain the way it truly was! What writing, what gleanings, hut hum … a fair IS a virtual smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord after the crowds have ceased! (From Charlotte’s Web)

    So on that note, thank you for taking us down memory lane with “Let me take you down cuz we’re going to Summer of Love, love from above, and something to get stoked about … Summer of Love Forever!

    It was within you and without you, wasn’t it? And we were all on the same bus — or not — and yes, peace did guide the planets, and love did steer the stars, and the epic-center sprung us to the sheepfold and to home! Did it not?

    And here we are … and there … we … go … and … thar … she … blows!

    You always did invite my silly side out to play!

    But seriously, here’s to you and to us as back to the future we happily go!

    Happy 50th everyone!

    • greetings tamra!

      thank you and OH YEAH, THANKS FOR THE COVER!

      yes folks, tamra and matt up in kalispell designed the knocked-out super cover for Under A Tie Dye Sky :- )

      and i’ve never gotten to even meet you yet. sigh.

      suzee B

  4. Very Good!
    I remember it as if it were yesterday (wish I still looked the same). You’re right about the smells and sites. The good vibrations , it really was magical, I hope beyond all hopes that it hasn’t escaped us. I will send all my good thoughts to heaven in hope that my prays are answered. Please send yours too.
    Love you little sister,
    Alice in the palace

    • dear alice, resident of famed palace,

      i can only imagine that your palace is loaded with uniqueness in vibe, decor, and trippy twinkles.

      hold down the fort. the Love will never die.

      and try to stay cool (you are nothing if not one of the coolest, ever) in your arizona heat. but palaces are good at staying cool along with its queen. YOU!

      i see you clearly still, in jaunty, exotic, fanciful garb roaming haight ashbury, spreading love and peace.

      suzee B

  5. Oh, now that was weird. If you wonder what I’m talking about, I was going to comment on the overly hot weather here and how I was worried about everyone using their coolers and how I hope the electric doesn’t go out and guess what? It did right while I was trying to send this. Too strange, maybe I should worry about how I’m going to cope when I win the big lottery? Yeah, I know.
    Alice in the steamy palace with a freaked out dog and cats

  6. Poor Steamy Alice,

    And the steamy dog and cats.

    This, too, shall pass! Sounds like you need the monsoon season pretty soon. If you have those there?

    Perhaps you’ll move north again one day . . . closer to Strawberry Duck Forever and moi.

    In the meantime, stay hydrated!!

    Dream cheese

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