’Tis the tail end of the holiday season. ’Tis the tail end of 2015.

And the tail end of Puzzle which I promised to show you after his being groomed. Compare if you will the previous Puzzle-tail in last week’s blog with the new and improved Puzzle-tail!



He is delighted with it and his sweet vet, Jessica, anticipates that his tail and the rest of the dog will only grow back normal hair in the new year 🙂 This is Puzzle being fondled and loved by Dr. Jess.



A new year is fast upon us. Happy New Year!


  1. Puzzle and Suzee look like siblings except Suzee doesn’t have Puzzle’s tail; neither does Puzzle have Suzee’s tale, but together they share a dog-gone good story!

  2. Puzzle will be back to his old self in no time cause he’s surrounded by the ones he loves. Happy New Year my sweets.
    Love you all, Alice in the palace

  3. Ah! Getting there Puzzle baby! You look great however thick your rear-end appendage is! Be patient and you will soon be back to your handsome self in the New Year.

    Don’t we all love being fondled! When we get on the floor with our two they are in ecstasy! Every bit gets turned towards us for a stroke, or tickle, or scratch! They twist and turn to make sure we get just the right spot! Base of the tail/butt is just the best! Their eyes roll and they get that stupid look on their faces.

    Happy New Year to you and your whole menagerie in Montana!

    Much love from Grauntie, Gruncle, Kes and Bonnie Pickle. X x x x

    • gosh grauntie

      we DO all love being fondled…like the risk you took on that one, ha! just the right spot and all. heck i just couldn’t let your description pass by.

      eyes rolling, base of the butt. ecstasy!

      happy new year!

      and i know our doggies are the most grateful recipients because they understand love even more than we do.

      love and peace
      suzee B

    • yes, here’s to a grand new year comin’ at us.

      suzee B

      p.s. it’s jenny (jennifer) not ginny my darling. you already know that. must be the pain pills doing your spelling. ha ha. just think, your back is all brand new now for 2016!

    • suzy

      yes it IS!!

      there is nothing like a tail….(to the tune of “There is Nothing Like a Dame” from the musical “South Pacific” ha ha ha!)


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