Before I commence writing this week’s post, I’ll share a pic from last winter when I went cross country skiing with Nan Nan the Holdup Man at Moser Creek. (Hyalite Canyon) Here we see the intrepid sheepdog, Mr. Puzzle, peeking out from between her knees. He loves to go skiing!
photo 4


Ahhhh, writing. How it pussyfooted its way to the front door of my life. What a sneak. For awhile it slunk around the back, knowing I’d never let it near the main entrance, let alone INVITE IT IN!

059680db28e71ebcd228a3fad052f7c0But I did and only then did I see the bow with notched arrow. Right before that shaft of passion found its mark I had a split second. A quick sidestep would have saved me. Too late now. I accepted my destiny. The life I lived before is no longer. I am not a gourmet cook anymore pouring over my Bon Appetite Magazines, nor the avid gardener of veggies or flowers that I used to be. I spent years canning, drying, and freezing food including chutneys, jams, jellies, relishes, and pickles besides the usual tomatoes, applesauce, sauerkraut, peaches, pears, green beans, sweet corn, morel mushrooms, etc. Even the other passions in my life, horseback riding and acting (not ‘up’, I mean on stage!) and watercolor painting have moved back to make room for writing.

My dad thought I was a writer. So did teachers and eventually my husband and friends. I ignored them. Maybe red flashing lights in my subconscious, warning that life as I knew it would come to a screeching halt, were almost visible on the periphery.
6173fd2e432caf80197d66a9d6beab08See, I can’t even write “come to a screeching halt” comfortably since I am aware it is a cliche’ and therefore to be avoided. Of course the more I learn about writing (and I can’t stop wanting to learn more) the more responsible I become to do it well, like running a good race. Which is why I am madly in love with my writer’s group.


Passion carries a suitcase stuffed full of inspiration. There is a built in combination lock on the case. Desire and patience help me remember the numbers to turn to.
d3c4b79c7ad445e01340f2278452b2f4I can’t help but wonder what has become of the me I used to know. Is that Suzee still around? Yeah, she just needs better tools for structure. Cause other than the things you love to do that are not the great big ‘ol passion, what about the dreaded fitness routine?



And cleaning and laundry and grocery-getting and well, fill in the rest for yourself! I can’t get up a minute earlier, having reached my tolerance level for that horrid sound of my alarm clock.



What’s your number one passion? (Besides God and family.) Any tips on fitting the other things that make you you into the days that are flying by at warp speed?


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  1. Today my passion is to try and run up drinking horse again
    I did it yesterday and couldn’t believe I accullay did it
    I almost had a heart attack
    But I didn’t
    So I think I’ll try and do it again

    • deb

      i like that! a whole different spin on passion. it can be a different one daily. how versatile you are.

      please don’t have a heart attack, you are too wonderful to leave my life. i wouldn’t have nearly as much fun without ya. do the run, just don’t die!

      good for YOU! lemme (us) know how it went.

      me your suzee B

  2. Yikes…I get it sister. Busy days…have turned into years for me and I have needed to do a blog since Mr. Obama re-ignited my passion about something I took for granted: FREEDOM. So,,,,I am a mommy, wife, girlfriend, cook, laundress, decorator, freedom fighter….and a writer (back-burner). So….my freedom fighter/writer must be buried until I have “more time”. (nobody had this).
    But…some good old fashioned catholic guilt should work wonders to get you back to gardening & cooking: You, are a gifted writer, but poor Stephen is the unsuspecting victim of Bait & Switch!! He was wooed by peaches and morels….and now is destined to hear the pounding of puter-keys forever.

    • oh a good tip


      like a ball on my nose??? yeah, yeah, i like that image. and that’s what you meant, right?

      or maybe you meant yoga. great.

      how can i get some catholic guilt without being catholic. can i buy some? do you have a connection or any to sell? but you’re not catholic either.

      keep me informed and how much does it cost? does it come in pounds or ounces? maybe for christmas you could give me some for a present?

      suzee B

  3. I really like your cartoon. Wish that was my super power…it would be so cool to not actually have to work out but to look and feel as though you did. Funny, but ain’t gonna happen. I’m actually going to see a lady at a health club tomorrow to help me be accountable.

    I am also very bummed about the cliche thing. I had no idea it wasn’t good form to use them and I don’t really care, I am going to cliche away whenever I want.

    Anyway, my true passion, other than belonging to you know who, is pretty dumb and I don’t even really do it anymore, although I miss it everyday. That guy (your fave) wrote a song that says, “buy! buy! says the sign in the shop window; why? why? says the junk in the yard.” Isn’t that a great lyric?…speaking of writing.

    I love a good treasure hunt, to find and re-purpose good junk and to put it all together. There’s a lot of other things I love to do, too. Gardening is at the top of the list but cooking is pretty far down. How great is it that we get to have 24 hours in the day, most of which we can use to do the things we love. We are so fortunate. T nailed it, I think. The b-word and it doesn’t rhyme with switch. BALANCE, baby balance!

    Love you Dreamcheese, from Janabanana

    • janabanana duck

      i applaud you for not giving a rip about cliche’s

      that is freedom

      and rules are MADE TO BE BROKEN, by god.

      take it from one who knows (as you know).

      so, don’t let go of that passion of yours. you can’t. you won’t. how could you?

      you haven’t. there are always pinterest boards to play with!

      love love you do
      you know i love you
      i’ll always be true…..


  4. I used to cook, crochet, knit, make jewelry, create handmade cards, and come up with all kinds of inspired crafty things. I used to take pride in cleaning and decorating and having dinner parties and cocktail parties. I read books in bed…..NOW?? Hmmm…. I went to school for a year and lost most of every bit of motivation to do any of the above since school took my whole brain and then some. I did it though and now all I want is to thrive in my massage practice. So my passions have changed, my priorities (beyond family and God) is to serve others…be the reason for or even just part of their healing process. Passions are supposed to change because we keep changing. It’s all normal right? So maybe we get back a few things as time goes by. Maybe we don’t. I really never liked to knit.

    • dear never-liked-to-knit,

      ha ha ha!

      true confessions!

      you are so funny.

      i do like the idea that priorities changing is maybe what is supposed to happen in life. teresa may have told me the same thing. she may even have said that they’ve found (whoever does those studies) you can count on it happening every so many years.

      who knew?

      carry on, you are lucky to have found your passion. many can’t, don’t or sometimes won’t.


  5. What comes to mind …

    To EVERYTHING there is a season and a time for EVERY purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastic 3:1

    Like waxing and waning, it comes and goes and comes around again. So right now it’s writing, and write you will. This may come as a shock to you, but it’s writing for me too! Yep, my other loves had to take a back seat to writing. Writing shines! Like when an unexpected picture of loveliness waltzes into a room and everybody turns around to look at her! Not only that, but every man in the room wants her too. Ooooo what a threat to the other ladies!

    You write because it calls from the inside of you. You LOVE to write! I understand what Polly is saying too. If school has the power to demotivate her former passions, I’d be curious to know what still does?

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, once said, “Whatever He says to you, do it!

    So whatever it is … if it has any value, enjoyment or purpose, I say do it!

    The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:20

    The thing is to embrace what is; not boggle your mind over what isn’t.

    So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin!

    All my lovin’,

    • dearest writer melinda,

      you say things with such perfection at times, most of the time. like a knife finely sharpened that cuts with ease and creates just the right sized slice of whatever it’s cutting.

      i love the reminder of to everything there is a season. what comfort in that! well, look who wrote it, ha, what else would one expect?

      i also love the way mary handled her son! easy peasy, no discussion darling boy, just do it.

      thank you thank you, i drink in your comments like water to a thirsty soul.

      love forever and ever and ever,
      suzee b

    • got lovely goosebumps

      one of the best songs ever by one of the best groups ever.

      skillfully chosen, Queen Guinevere Duck, as usual.

      suzee B

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have found a passion in writing. We are creative partners along the way. It was never on my radar but I know it’s my thing because I can spend hours and the time seems like nothing. I love have big spaces of quiet to go play with words and ideas and characters and the art of story. It is not work to me.

  7. Thank You, Suzee Suzette Creamcheese, BEST “preserver extraordinaire” (that’s Fraench) from Nature’s Heartland and The Whackovia-Central RR, (what a WHACKY railroad you run…. and ALWAYS arriving just in the nick of time…..
    The doors and windows that you and “The Blog” open up in the mind
    are always surprising me. I’m still not sure if Roy Rogers is related to Will Rogers (haven’t heard back from them yet) but you now have me wondering if Mary encouraged Jesus to follow God’s requests, or if she was encouraging Jesus’s Deciples to folow Jesus’s requests. You also have me wondering if she ever talked to his Deciples. I never wondered those things before, and in some way they seem important.
    Yes,cI agree with the others…. “KEEP WRITING” ! KEEP THINKING and telling. Like in “Mad Maxx”, 1000 years from now it will ALL be in “The Tell”, right?
    I wonder what Odey thinks.

    WOOF-WOOF WOOF-WOOF, ( that means WALK up Thirsty Horse ten times… THEN run up it… ya IDJIT )

    Barton Bassett

    • bassett baybeee,

      nice to hear from you.

      my railroad is one of a kind and i am pleased that you approve of it’s timely arrival schedule. i work hard at that.

      mindi moo please weigh in on the mary/jesus/disciple mystery question of the week.

      and see if you can get any input from odey on it.

      deb, i perceive there is wisdom being offered here to work UP to the thirsty (drinking) horse hike incrementally. yes? or maybe not. depend on how reliable you think barton’s advice is. you shoudl consider it though. at times he is trustworthy. other times? not so much. but he ALWAYS means well.

      and señor bassett, i couldn’t agree more about the importance of ‘the tell’. it boils down to being just about everything. before there was the written word, there was ‘the tell’. which happens to be the most memorable thing from the mad max movies in my brain.

      kindly share any info you gather about the relationship between roy and will.

      suzee B

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